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Samia campaigns for PNC candidate in Talensi

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Chairperson of the Convention Peoples Party, CPP, has endorsed the People’s National Convention’s Parliamentary candidate Dr. Michael Wombeago ahead of the Talensi by-election on July 7.

Samia Nkrumah is asking the people of Talensi to vote massively for him as the constituency prepares to elect a new Member of Parliament to replace Robert Mosore who has been enskinned chief of the Talensi Traditional Area.

The CPP chair is currently on a three-day campaign visit to the constituency along with the candidate and executives of both CPP and PNC. She says Dr. Wonbeago is an honest man who will transform the fortunes of the people of Talensi if he is voted into office.

"He is an honest man; a follower of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah. He is man ready to serve his country; serve his people with honesty with sincerity.

"Ghana today needs politicians who are ready to sacrifice. I can assure you that when he becomes the MP he is going to use the common fund wisely.

"He is not going to waste money; he will listen to your needs.

"We want the people of Talensi to show the way; to show that Ghana can work again with an Nkrumaist party," she said.

Samia's campaign for Wombeago marks the beginning of the consolidation of the unity talks between the two Nkrumaist parties- the CPP and the PNC.

The two parties despite coming from the same stock have, for years, gone into elections with different presidential candidates as well as parliamentary candidates.

There have been talks for the two parties to present a united third force to challenge the duopoly of the NDC and the NPP but these talks have in times past broken down at the last hour.

With the two parties presenting a united front in the Talensi elections it remains to be seen if same will be done in the 2016 elections.

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